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Continuous Threat Assessment, Securing the Supply

Continuous Threat Assessment, Securing the Supply Chain

Do you know where your corporation has been breached?
Large global corporations are facing a nigh impossible security task: They must maintain security, often across large networks consisting of geographically diverse sites, using a wide variety of technologies that are not necessarily designed to work together … all this while they become ever more attractive targets to attackers seeking to steal either physical resources, monetizable personal information or other opportunities for fraud, in a regulatory environment that is becoming significantly more onerous, potentially posing an existential threats to the business in the form of massive fines.
CISOs of these large corporate groups have a wealth of tools that offer to defend against attackers but up until now they have lacked a tool suite that gives an independent view across their group level networks validating that the complex security infrastructure is actually working.
Xanadata Tamanin – continuous global view of security posture
Xanadata’s Tamanin suite provides group wide security operations teams with tools to enable continuous, global, network specific threat assessment, effectively giving a global weather map of threats that are hitting the organisation.
If a site has a sudden change in threat level, Tamanin gives instant visibility to all within the group so that the incident can trigger pre-planned escalation protocols before the infection takes hold. Tamanin also provides integrated tooling to enable a detailed drill down to understand what assets are being hit within the organisation and where the existing security estate is being exploited.

In situations where a location has been hit by a threat, the local SecOps team may be fully loaded dealing with the threat and not always able to communicate to other interested stake- holders within the group.
By providing both high level visibility to all, as well as a central secure communication resource, Tamanin keeps the local teams focused on fixing the issues while keeping the global team fully informed.

Core technology
Tamanin is built around ultra high speed, hardware accelerated, pattern recognition that can search for millions of known network threat signatures in parallel across terabits per second of live traffic as well as months of network history. By hunting for evidence of these threats both in live data and looking back over history, Tamanin enables users to effectively address the lag between an exploit being established by an attacker and it becoming known to the intelligence community.
Tamanin then goes beyond this IoC based threat intelligence by observing patterns of the known bad behaviour on the specific network and then looking for similar patterns coming from traffic that was not initially flagged as bad. This combination of brute force searching at scale, learning how threats behave and generating new threat intelligence on-the-fly gives customers much greater insight than either fixed signature based or anomaly detection systems.


Watch Video:https://youtu.be/8zhg9hy3P3c

Key Benefits:
1) Comprehensive, verifiable view of the overall organisation’s exposure
2) Early warning of emerging incidents before they gain momentum
3) Actionable insights on where the network coming under pressure and where attackers are breaking through


Download Solution Brief:Xanadata Tamanin Brief