08 Sep 2017

NHS Trusts Invited to Learn From North East Cooperative Peer Project

Unipart Cyber Security, a Xanadata technology partner is implementing a unique accelerated threat detection platform for a consortium of North-East NHS Trusts that aims to provide shared actionable security intelligence for the benefit of all the participating Trusts.

08 Sep 2017

UCS Seminar provides NHS Trusts with an opportunity to learn how to enhance the effectiveness of their network security controls

6th September 2017, Oxford, UK.  Unipart Cyber Security (UCS) has announced a special event for NHS IT teams at which there will be an opportunity to learn how several North East Trusts are combining resources to help to enhance the effectiveness of their network security controls. This free event on Friday 29th September is being held at The Village Hotel, 10 Silver Link North, Newcastle Upon Tyne. NE27 0BY starting at 9:00am and is open to all NHS CISOs and IT managers.

UCS, part of the Unipart Group of manufacturing and logistics companies, is a leading IT security consultancy. The company works with large enterprises and public-sector organisations providing a range of specialist services designed to protect corporate data and IT systems and to maintain compliance with the latest security regulations.

The event will focus on the work that UCS has been doing with the County Durham and Darlington Foundation Trust (CDDFT) as part of a strategic review of its security controls, policies and procedures. As well as carrying out an in-depth analysis of the effectiveness of the CDDFT’s security infrastructure, the project has resulted in closer cooperation with neighbouring Trusts and the deployment of a shared threat detection platform that monitors and analyses all security sensor log files generated from each of the consortium members’ networks.

Based on custom silicon with compute power equivalent to a 2000 Hadoop cluster the technology, developed by UK big-data analytics start up, Xanadata, analyses log data against thousands of known threat signatures in parallel, extracting actionable intelligence on the overall security status of the network at a rate of up to 8TB per hour.

 As well as identifying undetected incidences of compromise, including data breaches and ATP attacks that may have been missed by existing network sensors and controls, using advanced machine learning techniques the system can also detect evidence of previously unknown, zero-day, attacks before they are added to the global threat lists.

By extending the service to include data from neighbouring Trusts it gives the individual network managers a wider perspective on the overall threat landscape and access to actionable intelligence in virtually real time, helping to ensure security controls are fully maintained in line with the latest threat information and to prevent a repeat of a Wannacry type attack spreading across the entire NHS infrastructure.

Attendees at the event will hear from CDDFT’s IT manager, Tony McGivern and UCS’s CISO, Paul Heffernan and also have any opportunity to see a demonstration of the technology from Xanadata’s founder and CEO, Richard Benson.

Anyone wishing to attend should contact Johnty Mongan by email at johnty.mongan@unipart.com or by calling +44(0)1865 384750.

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