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Next-Generation Big Data Analytics

Extracting actionable intelligence from Terabytes of Unstructured Data in minutes or hours rather than days, weeks or months

Custom Silicon Delivers Unprecedented Processing Power

Xanadata’s big-data analytics engine is an ultra high-performance solution capable of throughputs of up to 8TB per hour, analysing millions of patterns in parallel and reducing a task that would have previously been impractically long and expensive, to less than an hour.

This vast, 1000x+, performance increase in throughput compared to commodity servers is achieved using custom designed High-Performance Compute (HPC)acceleration silicon that packs in data processing performance equivalent to a 2,000 core Hadoop cluster into a single unit. The solution is delivered as a dense form factor in either a single, 2U 19” rack mount appliance, aimed at continuous in-house monitoring applications, or as a purpose-designed mobile device for on-premise consultancy based projects.

Xanadata Mobile Analytics Platform

The technology is extremely easy to use and can be rapidly configured to generate actionable visual analytics from a wide array of data sources, at very high throughput rates, via a point and click, drop-down menu based management interface.

Results can be output in a range of formats including a unique 3D, augmented intelligence visualisation that leverages the most powerful human sense of sight to highlight patterns representing important indicators, such as behavioural trends, buried in the massive data-set, that would otherwise have been virtually impossible to spot using standard data analytics methodologies.

Data Integrity by Design

Whether the Xanadata analytics engine is being deployed as an ongoing monitoring solution in a rack-mounted appliance format or as a dedicated mobile device for one-off consultancy engagements, data integrity is assured by bringing the compute to the data and hence sensitive customer data never leaves their control.

Advanced Machine Learning

By ingesting data from multiple, interconnected data-sets Xanadata’s innovative technology is able to not only provide an accurate picture of how an operational business process has performed in the past but also help organisations to better understand the potential future impacts that modifying any of the variables and key parameters could create.

This advanced feature of the Xanadata technology is particularly important in protecting an organisation from cyber-attack. By analysing network traffic and user activity in the core IT security infrastructure, Xanadata’s accelerated threat analytics solution Typhon, unlocks evidence of historic hacker behaviour patterns to predict and prevent serious security breaches from occurring in the future.

Augmented Intelligence Visualisation

In addition to an easy to use faceted search interface that enables users to quickly drill down into a specific set of threats, Xanadata has added a unique and innovative augmented intelligence capability that projects the scanned data using custom algorithms to place data points in such a way that patterns in the data are highlighted. By emphasising these patterns, in a dynamic, 3D format, data analysts are provided with a highly granular, visual image of the complete data-set under analysis to be able to rapidly pin-point hidden relationships in the attacks by sight. This combination of accelerated data processing power and output visualisation represents a step-change in threat intelligence forensic techniques, delivering unprecedented time and cost savings compared with the normal timescales using traditional methodologies.


Dynamic 3D data visualisation highlights key trends missed by traditional methodologies

Key end-user benefits

• Rapidly processes millions of data-points at up to 8TB/hour analytic throughput.
• Advanced machine learning techniques enhance basic static data analysis to make accurate business forecasts and informed forward planning decisions.
• Automatic report generation providing actionable remediation information and intelligence
• Simple, powerful GUI and API enables standalone or full workflow integrated operation
• Unique Augmented Intelligence Visualisation option
• Fully customisable to specific use-case requirements